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SCUBA Equipment Rentals


New lower rental rates! We will match or beat any other rental rates in Austin and provide you better equipment.

Scubaland has a little different policy on rental gear than most dive centers. We rent the same top of the line gear that we have available for sale in our dive centers. All of our rental gear comes from manufacturers like Scubapro and Henderson. Our standard rental BCDs are the Scubapro Knighthawk and Ladyhawk BCDs. These BCDs offer a back inflation system, weight integration, and an Air2 octo-inflator for comfort and convenience. Rental regulators include Scubapro MK11 and MK25 first stages with S555 or S600 second stages. This is the same top quality, high performance gear that you'll find in the showroom!

For comfort and a wide range of fit we have a selection of 5mm to 7mm Henderson Thermoprene and Hyperstretch suits as well as 5mm and 7mm Scubapro Everflex suits in our rental inventory. These suits offer a greater range of motion and flexibility than standard neoprene.

Scubaland offers reduced rates for longer term rentals such as a dive trip. We don’t charge rental fees for travel days so on a 7 day trip you only pay for 5 days of rental. Ask about special rates for group rentals and multi-week rentals.

If you don’t own your own gear we’ll put you in something you’d want to own.

We have 5mm Henderson Thermoprene suits in our rental inventory as well as 7mm Henderson Hyperstretch and 5mm Scubapro Everflex suits. These suits offer a greater range of motion and flexibility than standard neoprene.

The Scubaland difference…
  1. Our rental equipment is fully featured and name brand
  2. Our rates are low and easy to understand, a flat daily rate
  3. We don’t charge for travel days after 5 rental days (7 day trip is 5 days of rental)
  4. We don’t charge late fees if you let us know if you can’t return your equipment on time

A few things to remember when renting gear…

1Pressurize regulators on a full tank to check for leaks and free flows

2Check mouthpieces on all regulators looking for holes or tears

3Inflate BCDs to make sure they hold air and that all the dump valves work

4Make sure weight pockets are included on weight integrated BCDs

5Make sure tanks are full and the tank valve o-ring is good condition

6Check visual inspection and hydro inspection dates on tanks if you are planning to get them filled

7Check zippers on wet suits to make sure they zip smoothly in both directions

8Turn dive computers on and make sure there is no low battery indicator

9Check all hoses for abrasions, tears, or kinks

10Make sure you know how the alternate air source functions for breathing and oral inflation

A few extra minutes in the dive store can save a day’s worth of diving. If you have any questions about a piece of equipment or how it functions, ask one of our dive store staff for help. We will gladly explain the functions of any of our dive equipment and repair or replace any piece of equipment that you have a question about. We want your dives to be fun, safe, and free from equipment issues.

Rental Dive Computers

Our standard rental computer is the Scubapro/UWATEC Aladin Prime wrist unit. The computers offer an easy to use interface, Nitrox capability and excellent data logging and downloading capabilities.
ScubaPro Aladin Dive Computer

Rental Rates

DescriptionDaily Rate
BCD $12.00
Regulator with Gauges and Octo $12.00
Nitrox Computer $16.00
Console Gauges $10.00
Octopus or Alternate Air Source $10.00
Air Tank $ 7.00
Nitrox Tank $15.00
Weight and/or Weight Belt $7.00
Full Wet Suit $12.00
Gloves $5.00
Hood $5.00
Light $5.00
Terms & Conditions

I promise to return the above rented equipment on the return date, clean and in good condition. I understand that I am responsible for all items and agree that I am liable for any charges necessary to replace equipment rented to me that becomes damaged or lost. I promise that the above equipment is being rented for the use of a certified diver. I assume all and full responsibility for the use of the above equipment and waive all liability on the part of Scubaland Adventures. I further waive all liability on the part of any employee of associate of Scubaland Adventures for any injuries and/or accidents incurred while using said equipment. I have inspected the operation of the above equipment and found it to be in proper working order.

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